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Wenzhou Qi Wang Flocking Co.,Ltd.Founded in 1998, the company passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, the company is located in lingang industrial economy in wenzhou city longgangtian LuPu 158 community before the town street, plant covers an area of 5000 square meters, has a group of professional and technical personnel, advanced equipment, strong technical force, to stable and reliable product quality, make the kei will flourish on The Times the pace of science and technology.

Company main business: production joint flocking adhesive tape clothing hot laminating hot laminating flocking flocking furniture commodity hot laminating high requirements flocking flocking series products, widely used seals with cars and car inner decoration, clothing, furniture, daily necessities, etc (velvet, flocking flocking film, instant post, auto water cut tape, protective film, automotive electronics foam, etc.).

Qiwang technology is the only quality supplier of minshi group, which has been recognized by minshi group since 2007. It also receives the technology of minshi group. The scientific research and the leaders support and help! Kei prosperous people adhere to the people-centered, to science and technology as the power, take the quality as the life, to brand as the goal, take the market as the guidance, to manage in order to ensure, adhering to the customer supreme faith, let customer satisfaction, welcome all new and old friends to come to cooperation, hand in hand advance together, altogether creates magnificently!

Qiwang's mission:The qiwang people will build a flocking kingdom and bring the new colourful colors to the world.
Business philosophy:Italy is small and small; Ben is big, but not big.
Qiwang spirit:Study · reform · innovation
Business philosophy of qi wang:Do your best and be better. Quality first, customer first.
Qiwang talent view:Put people first, employees first.
Qiwang cost view:Save money and use every penny for energy
Qiwang quality view:Quality is the life of the product, and there is no life without quality
Qiwang service view:Customer first, continuously improve service (quality) to meet customer's needs.
Qiwang sales concept:Without sales, everything is empty talk. Sell first.
Qiwang cash view:Cash is king
Qiwang's motto:
Unfamiliar industry, not to do; Do not do a project to bring profit to the company; Don't do it for the customers who bring profits to the company. Do not make products that bring profit to the company. No employees who bring profits to the company, don't.
Qi wang development view:We only do (better) products.
Qi wang values:The people (society) should be applied to the people (society).
The principle of qiwang management:At a critical juncture, it is good for the company's business.
Qi wang's principles:Be a man, because work is dealing with people.
Sense of responsibility:Everyone is willing to accept responsibility, dare to admit mistakes, and learn from mistakes.
The values of qiwang people:
Have a clear purpose in life; Develop the habit of reading; Learn to be grateful and dedicated. Maintain physical and mental health; Learn to control your emotions; Strengthen the equal communication between people; First, the & # 183; To be able to have both. Always have the spirit of blogging; Empathy and consideration for others; Confident & # 183; Optimistic; Teamwork spirit.

The rapid development of electronic information age makes us very fortunate to meet at the website of wenzhou qiwang technology co. LTD. Welcome new and old friends to visit our website! Thank you very much for your attention to qiwang technology! We hope that qiwangwang technology website can become a window for you to understand the products and the people of qi wang. Looking forward to receiving your Suggestions and support!

More than ten years of business, more than ten years of wind and rain, more than ten years of harvest, the qiwang technology finally embarked on a new capital economic stage.

With the new breakthrough of qiwang technology, the company will be as usual as before. Study, reform, innovation ’ In spirit and in safety and quality service for the integration of purpose, commitment to the development of science and technology industry with great enthusiasm and innovation, condensed talents, provide best quality and service as a fundamental, we firmly believe that with the customer support, has the support of shareholders, with government support, kei popular science and technology will become flocking industry navigator.

Looking back, there were great achievements. Looking ahead, we are full of confidence. At present, our country economy high speed development, the industry competition is intense, we will continue to adhere to the quality benefits are coordinated development of the guiding idea, further accelerate the development of kei popular brand construction, expansion of sales network, increase the market share, enhance research and development ability, expand the scale of production, make industry leader, with first-class performance return customers, return society.

We will make unremitting efforts to build a domestic first-class flocking enterprise!

Wenzhou Qi Wang Flocking Co.,Ltd.

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